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The remote garage opener

Figure 6
The remote control

Life is a very complex thing. In january 2009, I've decided to make it at least a little bit easier by simplifying the process of opening the garage door. Instead of "running to the gate lock, inserting the key, turning the key, removing the key, running to the car" this whole process can now be done with just one button press from inside the car.

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Building a remote control into my car

Since about two years I am successfully using a (selfmade) remote control to open the gate to my garage. Now it's time to get rid of the remote and build the circuit right into my car. What I will be doing, is to replace an unused button on the car's dashboard with a working switch that'll trigger my selfmade circuit. The cirucit will be hidden underneath the dashboard. The modification will look as made by the manufacturer.

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