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Creating a Marker class for StreetView panoramas

TL;DR — Get it here: source, demo, documentation.

My latest addition to the google-maps-api-addon library is the PanoMarker, a marker which is able to remain at a fixed position inside of a custom StreetView panorama. It can be used to annotate points of interest (POI) inside a particular panorama regardless of the user's viewing direction. The difficulty in creating a marker that remains at a fixed position lies in the projection from a spherical panorama to a two-dimensional viewport. POIs are adressed in terms of heading and pitch angles with respect to the panorama's center. The viewport uses good old pixels for positioning elements. In this article I will elaborate on how to find the pixel coordinates on the viewport given heading and pitch angles of a POI.

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Useful scripts for the Google Maps API

You may remember the SimpleMarker class I made about a year ago. Recently, I started working with the Maps API quite a lot again since I'm currently writing a Google+ extension with which you can get a map of your circles. During development, I realized that an update of my marker class was long overdue. Not anymore ;-)

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Exploring the new Google+ API features

Today Google has released a bunch of new features for the Google+ API. One feature that particulary striked my eye (just after I have released my new website including this blog) was the possibility to obtain the comments for a specific activity.

Despite the fact that it's currently only a one-way feature (i.e. you can get comments but not write new ones), why not using it as a commenting system for a blog? Sure, it's not very useful right now if the only possibility to add a new comment is to head over to the corresponding Google+ post. But as soon as writing is allowed, this could serve as a great way to outsource the commenting system to Google+, where one can probably reach a much higher range of persons compared to one's personal website.

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