my google+ projects

Since you've landed on this page, you already know that I'm spending a fair amount of time with the Google+ API lately. This page has the purpose of giving you an overview of all my past and current projects. They are ordered chronologically from my very first proof-of-concept to my most recent project.

Google+ Liveticker

  • First release: September 16, 2011 (a.k.a. day 0 of the Google+ API)
  • State: prototype
  • Links: Demo

My very first Google+ "app". It wasn't very useful, though. The only thing that it does is to show your public posts in a newsticker bar at the bottom of the page. I made this application in order to test the functions of the Google+ API, which was released just a few hours before that.


Now this is something useful! On Oct 4, Google released new methods which allow one to fetch comments and shares to a post. As I have just finished working on my new personal website, the idea of integrating a commenting system for my blog using these methods came to my mind. After some hacking and testing, the PlusComments script was born. It allows you to integrate comments from a specific Google+ post directly into your website.

Two weeks after the first release, I have published a cleaned version of the commenting system on GitHub. It is designed with regards to an extremly simple usage and modification. Basically, you'll need only two lines of code in order to display the comments. If you want to customize its look, you can edit special templates which are seperated from the actual code. This helps preventing unintentional errors a lot.

The script is being constantly improved. You can even participate yourself in making the script better! Just fork the project on GitHub or drop me a line if you have questions or suggestions.

Share analyzer

  • First release: October 5, 2011
  • State: prototype
  • Links: Demo (attention! takes a long time to load)

Shortly after writing the first version of the commenting script, I made a small tool to analyze posts and their reshares. What it does is showing you all comments, reshares, as well as comments to these reshares in a threaded view. Due to the high amount of API requests which have to be made in order to retrieve the data, I didn't develop the tool any further, though. Futhermore, Google recently introduced Ripples which serve more or less the same function while looking way better.

Favorite Posts for Google+™

The Favorite Posts extension is the first Chrome extension I ever made. With it you can easily bookmark posts you like or send them to Instapaper with a simple click directly on Google+. These posts are then shown in a separate section which can be opened by clicking on the "Favorites" menu item which is shown directly on your Google+ website.

If you have various machines running a Chrome browser, you can even synchronize your bookmarks in a matter of seconds. This enables you to keep track of all the posts you find interesting or want to read later with ease.

Map My Circles for Google+™

  • First release: December 15, 2011
  • State: currently disabled
  • Links: none

Have you ever wondered where all the people that you've circled are living? Now is the time to find it out! Just use my new Map My Circles for Google+ extension and you'll see all your contacts on a nice Google Maps view.

Originally, I had the idea for this application during the early days of the Goolge+ API. Unfortunately, there was no known way to fetch a list of your circles at that point of time. Nevertheless I made a basic prototype back then which showed a sample set of data in Google Maps. Now that I've found methods to fetch this data, I gave the idea a new spin and created a Chrome Extension so that everyone can use it.

Dynamic Maps for Google+™

One thing I was working on during my internship at Google was a beautiful new look for Checkins. The extension I now made takes map images shown in such Checkins and replaces them by an actual map which you can zoom and drag around!

This extension is a result of me playing around and experimenting with code hosting on Google Code (which is pretty nice!). The extension is extremely lightweight and easy to use. Just hover the Checkin Map and a real map will be shown.