Introducing a new website

Here it is! After a month of coding, designing, (lots of) translating and last but not least procrastinating, I have finished working on my new website. The site (including all blog articles) is now available as well in English as in German.

Technically, the website is built on a CodeIgniter PHP Framework. It may be slightly overkill for such a small site, but as I wanted to learn how to use it correctly, I decided to use it anyway. After all, I think it was a pretty good decision. Writing the blog-engine was really easy when sticking to the MVC pattern. The generated HTML content is completely valid HTML5, using the latest semantic features of the HTML5 specification.

As for the front-end, the website makes use of the 960 Grid System. After testing some other Grids, was the one which worked out best for me. Especially using nested grids (using the alpha and omega classes) was easier than in any other system I've tested.

The fonts which I've used on this website are PT Serif and Cantarell, both available on Google Web Fonts.

I used only a minimal amount of JavaScript, mainly for the Slideshow in my portfolio (with a fallback for people without JS) and the +1-buttons in this blog. Yes, +1-buttons are the only way of sharing integrated into the site right now (and possibly also in the future). By the way, if you're a Google+ user, don't forget to add me to one of your circles!

Well, that's pretty much it. I hope you like the new design and check back regularly to read great new articles in this blog ;-) There's also a RSS feed available if you want to add my blog to your newsreader. Thanks!

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