Testing the Google+ API

Recently Google introduced a new API which enables developers to interact with their latest social networking service - Google+. Although the API is currently pretty limited, many nice apps have been written by developers all over the world. I myself gave it a try, too.

Right now, the only thing one can do is accessing the user's public information and activities (read-only). I wrote a very basic proof-of-concept application which grabs the latest posts of a user and displays them in a kind of "liveticker". It's nothing too special, but enough to understand how the basic communication with the Google+ API works. You can find this demo application on plus.martinmatysiak.de.

Apart from that I'm currently working on another application which may be actually useful. Unfortunately, this application requires access to ones circles and friends. As long as Google won't implement this API feature, I can't release this application to the public yet. Make sure to come back to my blog when the time has come. A small hint: the app will involve the Google Maps API, too ;-).