Exploring the new Google+ API features

Today Google has released a bunch of new features for the Google+ API. One feature that particulary striked my eye (just after I have released my new website including this blog) was the possibility to obtain the comments for a specific activity.

Despite the fact that it's currently only a one-way feature (i.e. you can get comments but not write new ones), why not using it as a commenting system for a blog? Sure, it's not very useful right now if the only possibility to add a new comment is to head over to the corresponding Google+ post. But as soon as writing is allowed, this could serve as a great way to outsource the commenting system to Google+, where one can probably reach a much higher range of persons compared to one's personal website.

What follows is a really hacky implementation of the new comments feature. I made a small library for CodeIgniter which is currently only able to get the comments of a single activity (specified by its activityID). There is no error handling whatsoever, so please excuse if the page should display any weird errors.

As you can see, comments which are related to this article are shown below. How did I do that? Well, as one isn't able to post anything to Google+ through the API yet, I had to write a new post for this article manually on Google+. Once done, I got the activityID of this post and put it into this article. The "rendering engine" of my blog then parses the ID and gets the comments related to the post, which are eventually displayed.

As said, currently it's of no real usage as you can't post any new comments directly from within the blog, but it's a good start, right?!


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