Hi there! My name is Martin, I am located in Aachen (Germany) and I enjoy web-development and electronics.


Born in Aachen in 1991, I have spent my time in this beautiful city ever since, located at the western border of Germany, just a stone's throw away from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Currently I'm studying computer sciences at RWTH Aachen University in my second semester. Furthermore, I was a Software Engineering Intern at Google in Mountain View, California during the Summer of 2012. Before that, I went to the Kaiser-Karls-Gymnasium Aachen and got the "Abitur" with advanced courses in mathematics and computer sciences.

Besides of that, I have been working as a freelancing web-developer since about two years. Actually, my first customer was the school I attended at that point of time. The school built a new canteen and looked for an easy way of organizing the food orders that went to the caterer. What I did was writing a web-application with which the pupils could order the food they wanted completely by themselves with just two clicks. The app is still running today while thousands of meals have been served successfully.

about this website

I have made this website in September 2011. These awesome technologies have helped me during the making of the site:

HTML5 CodeIgniter jQuery LESS 960 Grid System Piwik